Spring replacement

Garage Door Repair Carefree Az

The accidents that can occur and result from DIY garage door repair attempts are too gruesome to explain here but just to give you an idea of the kinds of accidents that can happen we list them here: fingers getting caught in joints (which can lead to amputations!!!), doors falling (especially when you have no idea how to loosen springs properly), cuts from different tools used in fixing the doors. These are just some of the accidents that can occur when Protech Garage Door Repair Carefree are attempted by the ordinary Jack and Jill.

While many people will argue that DIY is generally cheaper, we are not so sure about that. If potentially losing a finger or two over a few
hundred dollars seems worth it to you then by all means proceed. We are not against DIY in fact after servicing your door and replacing your springs or any other door component for that matter we always give a word or two to help you maintain your door.

We want you to be actively involved in helping to maintain and look after your door. What we are opposed to is you, taking your tool box and deciding to ‘fix that darn spring’ by yourself. It took each of our technicians a dedicated amount of focused time and study to master what they know now.

We even have continuous learning and testing for them to make sure that they stay ahead of the game and maintain their competitive edge over the others. All this effort we put into making sure that our service personnel are the best. We encourage you not to take this training that our technicians undergo for granted such that without the adequate training you believe you can fix anything.

Please do not attempt spring replacements, contact us today for more help.